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Development Community


  1. Support

    Receive assistance regarding any issues you may be having with your RF server. Make sure to review the support guidelines and search through existing topics before creating a new one.

  2. Art & Graphics

    Discussion of all things art and graphics related. Feel free to show off your artwork. Releasing artwork, models, etc, is not required for posting here, but is of course encouraged.

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  3. Server & Client Files

    Server and client files for RF Online. Content within this section ranges from clean server files to custom repacks created by other members. Feel free to create and release your own files!

    NOTE: Files in this section are NOT supported by RFDev. Please leave feedback for these files within their respective threads.

  4. Releases

    Community release section for tools, web applications, and other useful programs or information. For server and client files, please use the Server Files section instead.

  5. Guides

    Do not use this section to ask for help! Use the Support section instead.

    Tutorials and walk-throughs submit by our community. Learn new development topics or create your own guides to help others.

  6. Development

    Share your recent creations, project ideas and progress, or anything else cool that you may be working on. If you have something to release please submit it as a Release instead.

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