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Community Rules


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Community Rules

  1. Content Sharing: Please do not redistribute content found on RFDev on other websites without the consent of the original creator. We encourage sharing the direct link to our website instead. Some members prefer to exclusively post on RFDev, and we respect that choice.
  2. Respect Intellectual Property: While it's not advisable to post others' work without permission, RFDev won't filter or remove leaked content. Although we won't promote leaks, we also won't remove them. Developers are expected to safeguard their intellectual property, and we hope members understand our neutral position on this matter.
  3. Third-Party Content Rules: The Third Party Content forum has areas specifically for third-party advertisements. Adhere to the unique rules for each section within this category.
  4. Advertisement Locations: Ads are restricted to designated sections and are not permitted elsewhere in the community.


Community Guidelines

  1. Engage with Reactions: Use the Thanks and Like buttons to respond to posts. Reactions, found at the bottom-right of posts, contribute to your forum reputation. Building your reputation benefits the entire community.
  2. Link Sharing: Links to other websites are welcome to foster an open development community. You're free to link to your own or other relevant sites, but we appreciate linking back to RFDev if you do share your own. This isn't mandatory but is certainly valued.  
  3. File Sharing Recommendations: For sharing content, utilize services like Mega or Mediafire. While forum attachments are capped at 1MB, we prefer that you manage downloads through third-party services to help maintain low disk usage on our website.


Support Section Rules

These guidelines govern the Support section and the assistance provided by the RFDev team.

When creating a post, please:

  1. Use a concise and clear thread title. Short questions are acceptable if the query is unambiguous.
  2. Choose the applicable game version from the thread tag drop-down menu.
  3. Provide a brief summary of the problem.

For detailed issues, include:

  1. Outline the exact steps to recreate the issue.
  2. Provide videos or screenshots to elucidate the issue.
  3. Share any additional logs or details to explain your issue further.

After resolution:

  1. Respond to your thread marking it as resolved. The RFDev Team will then close the thread to signify its resolution.
  2. Avoid editing your original post to add "solved" or similar messages. Keep the original issue intact for future reference.
  3. If reopening a question, create a new thread linking the existing one and clarify why you are revisiting the question.

Additional guidelines:

  1. Refrain from unnecessary bumping of support topics. If you find the solution, please share it within the thread.
  2. Avoid replying with "use search!" or similar unhelpful comments. Respect different skill levels and only respond if you can offer constructive help.
  3. If you choose to respond, be prepared to teach at a level that the original poster can comprehend.

The RFDev Team oversees the Support section but is not required to answer questions.

Tag staff only for forum moderation issues, not for responses to support queries. Assistance will be provided when time allows; otherwise, the community members offer full support. Regardless of who helps, use Reactions to express gratitude for assistance!

Guidelines for Software & Service Promotion

These guidelines govern the posting of software and service advertisements on RFDev. Active thread maintainers in this section must adhere to these rules. Non-compliance may lead to thread removal and possible account warnings.

  1. Commercial engagement on RFDev mandates a related thread in our advertisement section. Direct marketing to members via private messages, including Discord, is prohibited. You may respond if contacted, but initiating such communication is not allowed.
  2. Support for RFDev members regarding your software or service is required through your thread or RFDev private messages. Address questions promptly, ideally within 24 hours. You may direct members to your support channels, but timely responses on RFDev are essential. Inactivity or unresponsiveness may result in ad removal.
  3. You may refresh your thread once weekly. If already bumped within the week, only respond to directly address another user's reply.
  4. Threads must adhere to provided post templates. Start your thread by copying and pasting the template, then add any extra information, screenshots, or other media after the main description.

WARNING: Unauthorized commercial products cannot be marketed to members through any RFDev channels, including Discord. If your product is commercial and lacks an appropriate advertisement, promotion is strictly forbidden.

Template for Software Post

  • Name: Price: Latest Version: Release Date: Description:
  • Name: Specify the name of the software.
  • Price: Indicate the price of the software or mention 'Free' if it doesn't cost anything.
  • Latest Version: Provide the current version number of your software.
  • Release Date: State the release date of the latest version.
  • Description: Include detailed information about your software.


Template for Service Post

  • Name: Price: Description:
  • Name: Mention the name of the service.
  • Price: List the cost of the service or enter 'Free' if applicable.
  • Description: Provide a comprehensive description of your service.


Notices for Advertising & Private Transactions

Any RFDev member may post commercial projects or services for sale, without restrictions or obligations. If you appreciate our platform, consider linking back to RFDev on your website or social channels.

Third parties operate all threads in this section. Our rules aim to uphold quality standards while limiting RFDev's direct engagement. We strive to moderate content but are not liable for member actions. Posts by RFDev staff in these sections are individually supported, not directly endorsed by RFDev.

We urge members to exercise caution in all transactions. Evaluate member activity to assess transaction risks. Feel free to vouch for or review sellers in their thread if satisfied, or allow them to address issues privately if dissatisfied.

Discussions of non-RFDev transactions are prohibited. If a transaction did not begin through RFDev, please direct comments to the involved parties. We appreciate your respect for our neutral position.


Rules for Team Recruitment

Permissible content includes:

  1. Team member recruitment.
  2. Hiring for particular jobs or tasks.
  3. Announcing your availability to join a team.

WARNING: If offering work services for sale, utilize the Software & Services section. In Team Recruitment, work must be non-compensated, such as voluntary, open-source, or non-profit projects.


Rules for Game Server Advertising

Rules for game server ads on RFDev aim to maintain quality. Failure to comply may lead to ad removal and account warnings. These rules may change, so please review them if actively advertising a game server.

Although RFDev primarily focuses on RF, ads for other games meeting the requirements are allowed.

  1. Ads are restricted to owners, staff, or team members of the server.
  2. Ads must stay current, with double posting allowed for updates.
  3. Respond to RFDev member inquiries within 24 hours in your ad thread.
  4. Avoid overloading ads with media. Ideally, no more than one video and five screenshots.
  5. Utilize the provided post template for all ads, incorporating additional content as needed.


Mandatory Information in Ads

Include the following in your ad:

  • Server Name, Website, registration, and download URLs.
  • Datacenter Location.
  • Server Timezone.
  • Experience Rates.
  • Main Server Language (e.g., English, Russian).
  • Server Age (operating time without a wipe).

Other optional details may include:

  • Maximum in-game level.
  • Update frequency.
  • Average player count online.
  • Special event details.
  • Any vital server information players should know.
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