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  1. You basically use Spr2DDS tool to edit game icons and throw .rep file onto Spr2DDS to convert back. You don't edit cutted imagines because they dont save any alpha information and look ugly
  2. As stated earlier,you may need tweak offset to use gm commands or use some gameguard, or run server in internal mode
  3. https://www.mediafire.com/file/9h9cnolitrst7xh/DDS_Conv.exe/file
  4. Product/Service Name: RF developer Website or Forum Link: Owner Name: Yuda Sofyan skype name: Raven Nevermore discord name: ravennvm discord login: ravennvm. fake Felix skype live:.cid.b1726d9cc8ecb93f Feedback: Scammed person by creating fake skype account pretending to be me and selling game guard. When you are about to purchase something, please, spend some time learning information about seller and the service. Especially when product has a website with every detailed information.
  5. https://rfdev.net/topic/11-useful-sql-queries/
  6. You can't, just try to re-phrase something to fit in. Long npc or monster name is not always good
  7. I tried to get deep into it, but sadly it's a bit complicated to repack with newly added or removed files, easier to just have new stuff as folder in Chef or Effect folder
  8. It's just bellow this msg in topic start O_o
  9. Follow the video guide can't be easier than that. And read everything in start topic
  10. Check if you have files in /chef and /effect folder. Check default client for your server
  11. Only default. I haven't made any RPK tools due to complicated packing context
  12. For normal accounts to enter, type /open in login server window
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