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    • Anti-DDoS Solution For RF Online Basic Description: Layer 4 Anti-DDoS solution for RF Online servers, designed to address unique challenges without the need for complex multi-gateway setups. This solution simplifies DDoS defense by using advanced techniques to protect against attacks directly at the transport layer. Reverse Proxy and IP Hiding: Principle: Utilizes a reverse proxy to forward client requests via TCP, keeping payload content inspection at bay and your backend server's IP hidden. IP Anonymity: Masks your server's actual IP, blocking direct IP-level attacks and making it challenging for attackers to target your infrastructure. Traffic Filtering and Anomaly Detection: Rate Limiting: Manages request rates to mitigate flood attacks by either dropping or delaying packets beyond set thresholds. Protocol Validation: Checks incoming packets for adherence to TCP standards, filtering out anomalies that hint at attacks. IP Reputation and Geofencing: Employs known malicious IP databases and geographic restrictions to proactively block harmful traffic. Ping Reduction Techniques: Direct Traffic Management: Deploys the same IP across multiple servers globally, directs traffic to the nearest server, enhancing response times without requiring multiple gateways. Traffic Shaping: Optimizes data flow, prioritizing essential traffic to minimize congestion and enhance service quality for legitimate users. Scalability and Bandwidth Management: Elastic Scaling: Dynamically scales resource allocation in response to traffic volume, maintaining performance during DDoS onslaughts without imposing bandwidth limits. Bandwidth Throttling Policies: Implements fair-use policies under attack conditions to ensure equitable resource distribution among users. Network Resilience and Redundancy: Multi-Path Routing: Distributes traffic across various pathways to bolster network resilience, reduce bottleneck risks, and ensure redundancy. DDoS Attack Mitigation Strategies: Session Persistence: Utilizes TCP session persistence to maintain stable connections for applications, critical amidst load-balancing activities. Challenge-Response Authentication: Differentiates real users from bots through computational challenges, filtering automated attack traffic. Tarpitting: Intentionally slows connections for suspicious traffic, discouraging attackers by elevating the attack's cost and complexity.   Price: $120 USD Per Month Payment: Binance USDT Special Offer: Bring a friend and both get $10 USD off! Join Wade's Lounge On Discord
    • RF Online Launcher V2 Basic Description: RF Online Launcher V2 is a simple launcher for RF Online, offering extra functionality compare to standard game launcher. It has been build for economical and supportive solution for the RF Online community. Features: Sensitive Data Handling: Information retrieval via GitHub API, ensuring no sensitive data is stored in the launcher. Configuration Support: Compatible with GU & AOP configurations, functional with or without Sirin integration. Proxy Support: Configurable support for multiple proxies without embedded settings. User Information Display: Shows current online user count and chip war details without connecting directly to host. Credential Management: Remembers and auto-fills successful login IDs and passwords, prioritizing the latest successful login. Auto-Update: Streamlines updates directly from GitHub, eliminating the need for additional hosting for patch files. Alternative patch hosts also can be configured. Integrity Check: Performs a check on file integrity prior to game launch. Self Update Support: The launcher updates itself automatically whenever a new feature is added or an error is discovered in the code. This eliminates the need for users to manually download new versions.Theme Customization: Default theme included, with customization options available in /System/Launcher/Resources. Sirin Integration: Sirin Mode: Requires sirin-launcher.dll for accessing features. Account Registration: Enables account registration directly through the launcher. Password Reset: Allows users to reset passwords via the launcher. 2FA System: Integrates a user-friendly two-factor authentication system compatible with Google Authenticator. Help System: Assists users who have lost access to their 2FA device. User Management: Provides the capability to kick online users from the server with a confirmation dialog, enhancing administrative control. ...and many more. Without Sirin: Default Mode: Utilizes standard settings for the login server connection. Pricing for RF Online Launcher V2 Price: $5 USD per month. Payment Type: Binance Special Offer: For those with economic problems, the launcher is available for free.   Donations: If you're in a particularly generous mood and want to throw some money, feel absolutely free to do so! Join Wade's Lounge On Discord  
    • Hi I am interested on learning on how to edit or develop UI or user interface of RF Online can someone help me or share your ideas or like training videos that I can watch or read to learn?
    • Follow the video guide 🙂 can't be easier than that. And read everything in start topic 😉
    • @FelixBeta I`ve tried to run the launcher but nothings happened. My firts attempt its working but the game wont lauch because there is an error after login, LangPatch something. then I re-extracted the launcher and tried it again. then this is the result
    • is the setting up of this is the same as the clean one? which is the  
    • Yes sir.. I checked it and it has files in it and all of the files that I have for my server is from the forum and I followed all the steps so far so good the only problem is the visual effects both forceskills and the range weapon skills even the animation of the arrow being fired there is none.
    • Check if you have files in /chef and /effect folder. Check default client for your server
    • Hello everyone! can someone help me about the visual effects of force skills in rf online? 'cause in my case I recently made an own copy of rf online server for learning the basics of the game and some sort but I encountered this problem wherein whenever I use forceskills there is no visual effects. When I use force skills the npc would just plainly die like nothing had hit it. So I am searching for fix or adjustments for this problem but to no avail I did not find anything. Hope that someone can teach me how to fix this or adjust somethings in the game. Thanks in advance!
    • Hello, can someone help and tell me what I'm doing wrong. I start the aop server, the zonaserver is up, the login is up and there is no account. Who can tell me the installation sequence? Thanks in advance!
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