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RF Online Launcher V2

Basic Description:
RF Online Launcher V2 is a simple launcher for RF Online, offering extra functionality compare to standard game launcher. It has been build for economical and supportive solution for the RF Online community.


  • Sensitive Data Handling: Information retrieval via GitHub API, ensuring no sensitive data is stored in the launcher.
  • Configuration Support: Compatible with GU & AOP configurations, functional with or without Sirin integration.
  • Proxy Support: Configurable support for multiple proxies without embedded settings.
  • User Information Display: Shows current online user count and chip war details without connecting directly to host.
  • Credential Management: Remembers and auto-fills successful login IDs and passwords, prioritizing the latest successful login.
  • Auto-Update: Streamlines updates directly from GitHub, eliminating the need for additional hosting for patch files. Alternative patch hosts also can be configured.
  • Integrity Check: Performs a check on file integrity prior to game launch.
  • Self Update Support: The launcher updates itself automatically whenever a new feature is added or an error is discovered in the code. This eliminates the need for users to manually download new versions.Theme Customization: Default theme included, with customization options available in /System/Launcher/Resources.

Sirin Integration:

  • Sirin Mode: Requires sirin-launcher.dll for accessing features.
  • Account Registration: Enables account registration directly through the launcher.
  • Password Reset: Allows users to reset passwords via the launcher.
  • 2FA System: Integrates a user-friendly two-factor authentication system compatible with Google Authenticator.
  • Help System: Assists users who have lost access to their 2FA device.
  • User Management: Provides the capability to kick online users from the server with a confirmation dialog, enhancing administrative control.
  • ...and many more.

Without Sirin:

  • Default Mode: Utilizes standard settings for the login server connection.

Pricing for RF Online Launcher V2
Price: $5 USD per month.
Payment Type: Binance

Special Offer: For those with economic problems, the launcher is available for free.

If you're in a particularly generous mood and want to throw some money, feel absolutely free to do so!

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