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Anti-DDoS Solution For RF Online

Basic Description:
Layer 4 Anti-DDoS solution for RF Online servers, designed to address unique challenges without the need for complex multi-gateway setups. This solution simplifies DDoS defense by using advanced techniques to protect against attacks directly at the transport layer.

Reverse Proxy and IP Hiding:

  • Principle: Utilizes a reverse proxy to forward client requests via TCP, keeping payload content inspection at bay and your backend server's IP hidden.
  • IP Anonymity: Masks your server's actual IP, blocking direct IP-level attacks and making it challenging for attackers to target your infrastructure.

Traffic Filtering and Anomaly Detection:

  • Rate Limiting: Manages request rates to mitigate flood attacks by either dropping or delaying packets beyond set thresholds.
  • Protocol Validation: Checks incoming packets for adherence to TCP standards, filtering out anomalies that hint at attacks.
  • IP Reputation and Geofencing: Employs known malicious IP databases and geographic restrictions to proactively block harmful traffic.

Ping Reduction Techniques:

  • Direct Traffic Management: Deploys the same IP across multiple servers globally, directs traffic to the nearest server, enhancing response times without requiring multiple gateways.
  • Traffic Shaping: Optimizes data flow, prioritizing essential traffic to minimize congestion and enhance service quality for legitimate users.

Scalability and Bandwidth Management:

  • Elastic Scaling: Dynamically scales resource allocation in response to traffic volume, maintaining performance during DDoS onslaughts without imposing bandwidth limits.
  • Bandwidth Throttling Policies: Implements fair-use policies under attack conditions to ensure equitable resource distribution among users.

Network Resilience and Redundancy:

  • Multi-Path Routing: Distributes traffic across various pathways to bolster network resilience, reduce bottleneck risks, and ensure redundancy.

DDoS Attack Mitigation Strategies:

  • Session Persistence: Utilizes TCP session persistence to maintain stable connections for applications, critical amidst load-balancing activities.
  • Challenge-Response Authentication: Differentiates real users from bots through computational challenges, filtering automated attack traffic.
  • Tarpitting: Intentionally slows connections for suspicious traffic, discouraging attackers by elevating the attack's cost and complexity.


Price: $120 USD Per Month

Payment: Binance USDT

Special Offer: Bring a friend and both get $10 USD off!

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