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Re-release is that okay?


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Is that okay to re-release some old stuff here? just hope any newbie like me found something old but still usable today. and make RF community more lively even if just a little, btw i love the Additional guidelines:

  1. Refrain from unnecessary bumping of support topics. If you find the solution, please share it within the thread.
  2. Avoid replying with "use search!" or similar unhelpful comments. Respect different skill levels and only respond if you can offer constructive help.
  3. If you choose to respond, be prepared to teach at a level that the original poster can comprehend

mainly for number two. it is sad for me if I ask a little bit different question and get an answer like that. and you know where is the answer? yes comment section 8 of 14 so I have to search with precise keywords. and the guy just disappears like the wind, even if the answer is just simple no need to spend more time on it. If you are busy or don't have time to answer. please just don't reply. It is wiser if answer with "use search about bla bla bla you can find ... in discussion or comment section" rather than have to type "use search leecher" damn man 😞

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