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[] GM Command List


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Here is my full list of GM commands that you can use on your server.
Please note that some commands duplicate each other, some may require various situations to work, most commands require own syntax after command, like serial, type etc.
Some default commands don't have names, but they are here in list and available in Odin Secure.

;;Add race currency.
%show me the dalant

;;Add gold
%show me the gold

;;Make yourself race leader

;;Alter CW schedule, rough example %OneHourAfter 0 1

;;Set owning neutrals guild
%Set Settle Owner Guild

;;Clear owning neutrals guild
%Clear Settle Owner Guild

;;Teleport to character

;;Teleport to monster

;;Give yourself premium

;;Set guild grade to guild serial and grade. Example %Set Guild Grade 5 1
%Set Guild Grade

;;Set guild grade by the guild name
%Set Guild Grade By Name

;;Set guild grade by the guild serial
%Set Guild Grade By GuildSerial

;;Set yourself guild leader

;;Set your maximum level

;;Set server exp rate

;;Teleport to npc by serial

;;Get npc quest

;;Remove npc quest

;;Manage guild (propose GvG, add funds, expel players etc)

;;Start guild master election

;;Start cash shop event

;;Spawn item

;;Change account grade
%change degree

;;Start event respawn
%respawn start

;;Stop event respawn
%respawn stop

;;Upgrade weapon

;;Show your xyz coordinates

;;Set your exp

;;Teleport to map (%jump Exile_land 0 0 0)

;;Pass dungeon quest
%pass dungeon

;;Make yourself invisible to any detect

;;Make yourself visiable
%no transparent

;;Max attacking damage
%max attack point

;;Min attacking damage
%min attack point

;;Revert to normal attacking damage
%normal attack point

;;Enable oneshot kill

;;Disable oneshot kill
%no matchless

;;Teleport to racial HQ port (%port 0)

;;Teleport to racial Ether port (%eder 0)

;;Teleport to transport ship
%goto ship

;;Start chip war
%start holy

;;Same as start holy

%stone bye

;;Same as stone bye (both commands does nothing)
%keeper bye


;;Same as servant
%start keeper

;;Teleport to chip terminal
%goto stone

;;Enable all loot from monster

;;Disable all loot from monster
%no beggar

;;Send message to GM chat

;;Kick player

;;Pass your quest one by one
%pass quest

;;Summon player to you

;;Summon monster

;;Teleport to crag mines
%goto mine

;;Copy player of same race and gender

;;View total online

;;Kill yourself

;;Restore half of your hp/fp/sp

;;Restore full hp/fp/sp

;;Make yourself invincible

;;Make yourself mortal
%no neverdie

;;Set level

;;Set force skills PT

;;Set skill PT

;;Set force PT

;;Set all PT

;;Set contribute points

;;Set pvp points (currency)

;;Set animus recall time

;;Set animus exp

;;Enable/Disable monster respawn

;;Set all force skills
%full force

;;Spawn 4 inventory bags

;;Clear your inventory
%clear inven

;;Enable successful upgrade
%god hand

;;Disable successful upgrade
%chicken hand

;;Set buffs time
%effect time

;;Clear all effects
%effect clear

;;Show players number around you

;;Set your set level and spawn equipment

;;Upgrade your armor

;;Set animus max/min/normal attack

;;Set all your PT and skill PT to level 0-99

;;Resurrect after death

;;Create GvG field

;;Destroy GvG field

;;Regenerate gravity stone

;;Destroy gravity stone

;;Take gravity stone

;;Get gravity stone

;;Drop gravity stone

;;Force take gravity stone

;;Check goal

;;Show GvG schedule list

;;Show GvG battle info

;;Show total guild rank

;;Show pvp guild rank

;;Change tax rate

;;Set UMT delay

;;Fill UMT storage

;;Show server time

;;Summon party by part leader name

;;Summon guild by guild name

;;Load your cash points amount

;;Purchase cash shop item

;;Set premium rates

;;Set class refine event status

;;Take holy mental scanner

;;Set chip war status, start/end/keeper status like invincible or chaos etc

;;Set animus level

;;Recover animus hp/fp

;;Set nuclear effect

;;Remove skill/force delay

;;Cancel auction registered items with logout

;;Cancel auction registered items 

;;Save chat

;;Drop jade by code

;;Set ore amount

;;Show remaining ore

;;Show server rates

;;Show premium server rate

;;Set max/min/normal trap attacking point

;;Set damaged body part

;;Start eventset
%eventset start

;;Stop eventset
%eventset stop

;;Set temporary pvp points
%temp point

;;Refresh pvp killer list
%new killerlist

;;End potion effect

;;Attach/dettach lua script

;;Ban player chat

;;Set item loot rate

;;Set mining speed rate

;;Set skillforce PT rate

;;Set base PT rate

;;Set animus exp rate

;;Set player rate

;;Set dungeon reward rate

;;Set premium item loot rate

;;Set premium mining speed rate

;;Set premium skillforce PT rate

;;Set premium base PT rate

;;Set premium animus exp rate

;;Set premium player rate

;;Give yourself premium

;;Get premium items

;;Expire premium

;;Enable vote

;;Show vote info

;;Set information for vote

;;Set vote conditions

;;Set vote period

;;Set player timelimit

;;View player timelimit

;;Set timelimit status

;;Set action points (0 - Process point, 1 - Kill point, 2 - Gold point)

;;Show action points event status

;;Set action point event status

;;Get golden boxes count

;;Set hp %

;;Set full hp/fp/sp
%hfs full

;;Punish player

;;Remove punishment

;;Update honor guilds list
%update honor guild

;;Start cash shop discount event

;;End cash shop discount event

;;Start cash shop event

;;Look like race leader

;;Set specific PT amount


;;Skip chip war schedule stage to next one
%pass schedule

%exit stone

;;Change all items amount in inventory to 1-99

;;Not sure, but something about PT

;;Spawn all craft materials

;;Spawn all towers and materials

;;Spawn mine and battery

;;Collect own or player stats information in txt file

;;Set guard tower. Cleans SystemGuardTower.ini!

;;Destroy system tower

;;Remove archon message

;;Create bank

;;Spawn everything for upgrade

;;Spawn dungeon keys

;;Spawn everything around you

;;Kill monsters around you

;;Complete another player quest

;;Loots upgraded item, but way not work

;;Add guild battle to schedule. Something like %addguildschedule Guild1 Guild2 23 1 0 (23 hour, 1 dunno what, 0 is bellato (1 cora, 2 acc))

;;%Setguildcolor 0 or 1

;;Current guild color

;;Add one day to guild schedule, but needs many names :D



;;Send combine result

;;Set damage to keeper

;; %PatriarchAuto - Set Race Leader Voting with Cheat Possible.[Number 0 : Able to Vote with Cheat, 1 : Not Able to Vote with Cheat]. Example: %PatriarchAuto 0

;; %PatriarchProc - Set Race Leader Progress in order from 0 to 5. This cheat code needs to be preceded by %PatriarchAuto 0. [0 : Register Candidate, 1 : Additional Candidate, 2 : Start Voting 3 : Result Calculation, 4 : Apply for Board Members, 5 : Nominate Board Members]

;; %PatriarchInfo - VoteInfo Patriarch 

;;Remove pvp point limit

;;Increase playtime for coupons


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Posted (edited)

When I tried the commands here, some works and some don't. For example, "%BossMe" and "%show me the dalant 1000" just gives me message ">> Error (command)".
Any idea how to fix this? I set my staff account grade and subgrade to 4 4.

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On 5/6/2024 at 4:44 AM, kucinghitam said:

When I tried the commands here, some works and some don't. For example, "%BossMe" and "%show me the dalant 1000" just gives me message ">> Error (command)".
Any idea how to fix this? I set my staff account grade and subgrade to 4 4.

As stated earlier,you may need tweak offset to use gm commands or use some gameguard, or run server in internal mode

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