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No visual effect on force skills.


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Hello everyone! can someone help me about the visual effects of force skills in rf online? 'cause in my case I recently made an own copy of rf online server for learning the basics of the game and some sort but I encountered this problem wherein whenever I use forceskills there is no visual effects. When I use force skills the npc would just plainly die like nothing had hit it. So I am searching for fix or adjustments for this problem but to no avail I did not find anything. Hope that someone can teach me how to fix this or adjust somethings in the game. Thanks in advance!

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17 minutes ago, FelixBeta said:

Check if you have files in /chef and /effect folder. Check default client for your server

Yes sir.. I checked it and it has files in it and all of the files that I have for my server is from the forum and I followed all the steps so far so good the only problem is the visual effects both forceskills and the range weapon skills even the animation of the arrow being fired there is none.

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